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  • Often, the greatest need comes long after the initial crisis is over! That is when the real work begins. Many will need ongoing support and assistance in the months to come.                 
    •  Please consider  gift cards to Lowe's, Home Depot, your local Hardware Supply Merchant . ​These gift cards will be used to purchase essential items in the coming months for individuals to use when the initial clean-up begins. Clearing property after a fire is a tremendous undertaking and clean-up equipment can become very costly. Gift Cardsare extremely helpful!
    • Consider a donation to a well-known merchant where people can purchase work boots, gloves, and related wear that can be used during clean-up.

  • Why can't you accept my used or gently used items? 
    • Survivors do not have the ability to easily launder or store clothing
    • We don't have the manpower to sort through donations; clean items of clothing; or have storage capabilities at the evacuation sites
    • A lot of times we receive items that are not useable and have to be disposed of. Receiving a donation of leftover garage sale items or a mish-mesh of items from last year's spring cleaning are not helpful! However, if we know of a family that has a specific need, we will make a direct ask and may  consider used items. Please follow our Facebook page for up-to-date posts and community information regarding this disaster response effort.

  • Survivors are in crisis, your direct assistance can provide individuals with a sense of comfort and dignity during this catastrophic event. When considering items to purchase, think of what you would want to receive if you lost everything and had nothing of familiarity left. Also, keep an eye on the following social media pages to find out what items are of immediate/specific need! 


Habitat for Humanity Yuba/Sutter is here to support our partnering agencies in providing ancillary support and information to the community during times of crisis and great need. We are committed to serving our community and region during this critical time.

Thrivent Financial has joined forces with Habitat Yuba/Sutter  and pledged to match contributions up to $250,000 to support Camp Fire Relief efforts. Thrivent Financial is a faith-based financial institution that donates their proceeds to charity and continue to "live generously"

Things to Consider During a Disaster . . .

Thank You to everyone for your ongoing generosity and outpouring of support during this critical time!   ~ You are appreciated ~


we are currently accepting the following at our ReStore  Tues - Saturday, 9-6pm

  • Monetary Donations(in-store or online) If made online, in "optional note" section, kindly state       "FBO Camp Fire Fund"

  • Gift Cards! A great way to allow a survivor to replace their own items  & have the comfort of having something familiar. 

Wal Mart, Target, Big Lots, Gas Station Cards, Home Depot, Lowes, OSH

~ HFHYS can provide you a receipt for your charitable contribution ~ 

donations outside of normal business hours must be coordinated with HFHYS ahead of time! Please contact 530-301-6990