Thank you to all of our partner families

Rogers Family - Gledhill Rd, Olivehurst

Parsegian Family - 11th Street, Marysville

Chung Family - Plumas St, Yuba City

Lewis Family - Plumas St, Yuba City

George Family - Plumas St, Yuba City

Campbell Family - Plumas St, Yuba City

Morris Family - Live Oak Blvd, Yuba City

Pellicer Family - Plumas St, Yuba City

Sharrer Family - 9th Avenue, Olivehurst

Siller Family - Booth Avenue, Marysville

Collier Family - East 22nd Street, Marysville

Wood Family - Hooper Rd, Yuba City

Proudfoot Family - H Street, Marysville

Gowin Family - 1030 I Street, Marysville

Manley Family - Charlotte Court, Olivehurst

Bennett-Davis Family - Hammonton-Smartsville Road, Linda

Conn Family - Beaver Lane, Olivehurst

Leonard Family - Regent Court, Yuba City

Nieshalk Family - 11th Street, Marysville

Long Family - 736 Kiley Avenue, Yuba City

Beisker Family - 742 Kiley Avenue, Yuba City

Steele Family- Habitat Way, Linda

Yang Family- Habitat Way, Linda

Thao Family- Habitat Way, Linda

Kelly Family- Habitat Way, Linda

Lee Family- Jordan Drive, Linda

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