Home Ownership

Through the Home Ownership program at Habitat for Humanity Yuba/ Sutter, selected families can realize their dream of owning a safe, decent, and affordable home. Homes are sold in exchange for 500 hours of Sweat Equity and the cost of building the home. The monthly payment on the home will not be more than 29% of the family's total income at closing (which includes mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities).


Need for housing: Applicants must currently be living in inadequate housing; including unsafe and unsanitary (other than self-imposed) environments. Applicant must meet income limits defined by the USDA. Please refer to the chart below:


Ability to Pay: If approved, applicant(s) will assume a 0%-3% loan (with conditions) based on the project cost (typically $40K to $50K less than the appraised value of the home) and must pay property taxes and insurance. Our low-income families typically pay a monthly mortgage payment of between $450 and $550 for a 4-bedroom house (2 to 3 times less than a typical house payment). 

Willingness to Partner: If approved, applicant(s) must fully participate in the application process, attend any home ownership preparation classes, work with the sponsoring organization, participate in publicity, complete at least 500 hours of sweat equity, and exhibit a willingness and ability to partner.

Residency: All applicant(s) must be United States citizens or legal permanent residents.

Security & Verification: All applicant(s) prior to approval, who will be living in the home, 18 years of age and older, must agree to a drug test,  credit check, background screening and sex offender registry verification.

Process Time: If approved, please understand that as a non-profit, we rely heavily on donations and the process of home ownership may take up to one year to complete.

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